birth name Lyra Jean Hawke . nicknames lj, lyra jean, little b . birth date & age june 10, 1990 + 25 . current residence soho, manhattan, new york . occupation blogger, youtuber, entrepreneur . sexuality predominantly heterosexual. kinsey 0.5 .
father joseph hawke, retired television director/producer . mother virginia kinnard-hawke, retired history professor . siblings kent joseph hawke, derek matthew hawke . pets frankie (maltipoo) . education BA Dramatic Writing from New York University .
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professional endeavors
2005-08 youtube: lyrajean@youtube
began with focus on hair styling, now media hub for thatlyrajeanlook.
2006- blog:
personal blog, miscellaneous, for leisure, non-professional
2008- blog:
hair, clothing & cosmetics
2012- resale boutique: revolve
principal focus, co-owner
  • Personality: hyper-ambitious, relentlessly upbeat, obnoxiously friendly, obsessively considerate, neat and orderly, constantly laughing, focused with a dash of scatter-brained hyperactivity.
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    pb: lucy hale ⤑ contact third person, past tense ☆ adult or ftb ☆ if you want to scene you don't have to ask ☆ pst ⇢ coding